Welcome to Engage

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LMS Hosting

Your online course platform fully hosted and maintained.

Engage Video

Integrated video upload and repository for sharing.

Engage Portfolio

Integrated e-portfolio for collection of coursework.

Grading Progress

Stay on top of grading with submission status tracking.

Student Activity

Participation reports for students within your course.


Customize your course content with integrated tools.


Analyze reports on course usage data from students.

UX Injection

Dynamic resources and in-context guidance to help users.

Improving the learner experience

Using the feedback we get directly from our users, we aim to design and implement improvements to the Engage platform as quickly and responsibly as possible. Delivering on functionality, accessibility, and transparency is our focus as Engage continues to evolve.

Get the help you need

An advantage of using the Engage platform is rooted in the support services that are available to our partners. Thorough documentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Engage features to their full potential. Instantly connect with 24/7 support agents to troubleshoot any issues that arise for faculty and students.


Case Studies

See how Engage has been a key part of online program strategies in higher education.

Engage Website Launch

Read about why this website was made and what purpose it serves.

Moodle 4.0

A new version release means the next Engage upgrade is on the horizon: A look ahead.

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