Announcing Engage 4.0


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The Engage team is thrilled to announce that the Engage Learning Management System (LMS) will soon be upgraded to its newest version, Engage 4.0. Leveraging decades of research from the open-source Moodle LMS community combined with feedback from our users, Engage 4.0 delivers a modern look and feel that puts Engage’s rich set of features at your fingertips.

What’s New?

Optimized for mobile, Engage 4.0 has a new look and feel that is responsive and consistent across devices. New navigation and course features let you minimize distractions and focus on what’s most important to you.

Simplified Navigation

The new hierarchical navigation system is simplified and contextual. Important site-wide links, including a new global search feature, are always available in the Primary Navigation Bar at the top of the site. Course and activity pages feature a Secondary Navigation Bar that houses the links most relevant to that particular page.

Engage 4.0 Navigation

My Courses Page

No matter where you go in Engage, your courses are always in reach via the new My Courses page. Linked in the Primary Navigation Bar, the My Courses page offers you the ability to sort, filter, and favorite within your course list.

Engage 4.0 My Courses Page

Course Experience

The new standard course experience includes cards for every item that contain a colorful icon and important information like due dates and activity completion requirements. Topics are now collapsible, allowing you to choose where to put your focus.

Engage 4.0 Course

Course Index

The new Course Index feature is a collapsible panel that allows you to quickly navigate to different sections or activities within your course. Students can use the Course Index for a quick view of activity completion. Course editors can use it to reorder items on the course page.

Engage 4.0 Course Index

Block Drawer

Blocks are now housed within a collapsible panel called the Block Drawer, allowing you to choose when to see them and when to focus on course content instead.

Engage 4.0 Block Drawer

What comes next?

Engage 4.0 will be rolling out in late December 2022 through early January 2023. Keep an eye on announcements to learn exactly when your Engage site will be upgraded.

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