Engage Website Launch

Woman pointing

Welcome to the official Engage website!


We’re excited to announce the launch of the Engage website! After years of serving as the learning management system and online course platform for many institutions, programs, and courses, Engage finally has its own online presence. We want this website to give everyone that learns and works in the Engage LMS the opportunity to feel more involved with the platform.

We hope that this website becomes your first stop when you have questions about Engage! Think of this website as an extension of the Engage platform. Engage is alive, and we’re constantly developing ways to support our community of instructors and learners. As we make updates and release new features, we’ll highlight these updates on the blog.

This site offers a variety of resources and content to keep you informed and help you get the most out of Engage as a learning platform and tool. Start by getting an overview of the features and support Engage has available right out of the box. Then, learn how to access the Engage Resource Center modules on your site, read about the latest version and feature releases, and explore the services, articles, and information associated with Engage.

What comes next?

Now that the Engage website has launched, stay tuned for more Updates about upcoming news and content. As Engage continues to grow, we look forward to you being a part of that experience. Thank you for being a lifelong learner!