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The Engage Resource Center is here!

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As of early 2022, Engage has a new tool available to all users. The Engage Resource Center is an on-demand resource hub that offers users additional ways to access and interact with support materials for Engage. This tool will continue to evolve and grow over time as we work to improve Engage and its user experience.

Engage Resource Center menu

Why are we adding this tool? The Engage Resource Center provides a new layer of support that meets users where they are. Based on feedback from students and faculty, this centralized tool will greatly enhance the Engage experience by providing helpful resources and information on new features, additional pathways to support materials, and in-context opportunities for training and feedback.

Who can use this tool? Any authenticated user on a participating Engage site can view and access the Engage Resource Center. This includes any user with student, faculty, or administrator roles. Future updates to this tool may include content segmented to certain users, but all users share the core experience.

What can users expect? Users can access the Engage Resource Center by clicking an icon that appears in the bottom-right corner of their browser window while using Engage. Once opened, users can access a variety of modules and seek out the resources they need.

Engage Resource Center menu closed
Engage Resource Center menu open

The Engage Resource Center released with the following core set of modules:

Updates module
Knowledge Base module
Technical Support module

The Updates module contains Engage-focused announcements about new content on the platform. This could be new features, modules, or version upgrades. A small notification icon appears when we add new posts to this module.

The Knowledge Base module provides quick access to Engage support articles, as well as the ability to search for relevant documentation without leaving your current location on the site. The Technical Support module provides another quick and easy way to access contact information for our 24/7 live support and assistance from anywhere in Engage. These modules contain the same documentation and support our users are familiar with but in a more centralized and convenient location.

The Feedback module lists surveys available to users. These surveys give students and faculty the opportunity to submit specific feedback about Engage and have their voice heard. This provides a direct line from our users to our Engage team and lets us know what’s important to those using the platform.

What comes next?

Now that the Engage Resource Center has launched, we will continue to improve the modules and content based on the feedback we collect from students and faculty, in addition to current plans for future updates and modules. The Updates module will send out alerts about new releases and changes. Please take advantage of the Engage Resource Center and use the Feedback module to let us know what you think!

For instructions on how to access the Engage Resource Center on your site, visit our Resources page.

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